Past Events

8th March 2018 – International Women’s Day Luncheon
“Press for Progress”

Keynote Speaker – Magda Szubanski

Writer and actor Magda Szubanski is one of Australia’s most loved and respected actors. She is best known for her roles’ as Mrs Hoggett in the Academy Award and Golden Globe winning film Babe and its sequel Babe: Pig In The City, and also her performance as Sharon Strzelecki in the hit television series and now feature film Kath and Kimderella.
In addition to her acting work, in October 2015 Magda released her hugely successful first book, Reckoning. Heartbreaking, joyous, traumatic, intimate and revelatory, Reckoning is the book where Magda Szubanski tells her story. 

November 2017 – Pilbara Women’s Network Luncheon
Changing the Status Quo; Challenging Public Perceptions

Keynote Speaker – Tenille Bentley,
Support Speaker – Josie Alec, The Jummi Factory

Josie is a local Ngarluma Yindjibarndi woman who has taken her love, passion and skill for healing and turned it into a rapidly growing and expanding business called The Jummi Factory. Josie spoke about her life’s journey and experiences that culminated in her business idea being born.

Tenille Bentley is is an internationally award winning transformative speaker, educator, sound frequency alchemist as well as an author of two thought provoking books “Digital Consciousness and Emotional literacy for kids” she travels the world stages pursuing her journey to be of service to the human family.
Tenille also ran the evening workshop “Letting Sh*t Go; Emotional Literacy and Sound Therapy”.

May 2017 – Pilbara Women’s Network Luncheon
Changing the Status Quo; Challenging Public Perceptions

Keynote Speaker – Ingrid Moyle, from Heart Harmony Communications
Support Speaker – Kylianne Farrell, from The Movement Room

Kylianne Farrell is a passionate fitness expert specialising in using fitness and movement to combat mental health disorders, like anxiety and depression. Kylianne spoke to our attendees about “Getting Curious About Challenge” and how to utilise challenges to grow and develop.

Ingrid Moyle is a word wizard and founder of Heart Harmony Communications, a digital marketing company specialising in small businesses. Ingrid engaged with our attendees and spoke about “Be Bold! Be Resiliant! The Secret to Success in Business”, emphasising that the journey is where you learn your most important lessons for success in business.

November 2016 – Pilbara Women’s Network Luncheon

Keynote Speaker – Robbi Mack
Support Speaker – Heather Jones

Robbi Mack is one of Australia’s leading experts in performance through developing mastery in emotional intelligence and influence that drives connection to our humanity.

Heather Jones has been in the transport industry for 25 years, and is counted in the Top 50 List of WA’s Most Influential Women.

November 2015 – Pilbara Women’s Network Luncheon

Keynote Speaker – Amanda Rose

As a strategic connector, Amanda Rose is passionate about helping others find their niche, strategically connecting them and sharing exclusive tips on how to have a success in business in life.

Support Speaker – April Butt and Jan Newburn from Red Rock Fitness. April and Jan spoke about their business journey and how strategic connections have developed their business.

May 2015 – Pilbara Women’s Network Luncheon

Keynote Speaker – Karen Schmidt

We learned a lot about leadership from Karen Schmidt, our keynote speaker and workshop presenter, so, we leave you with this drawing. What makes a good leader for you?

Support Speaker – Jolleen Hicks

Thanks to our motivational speaker, Jolleen Hicks from Roebourne Consulting Services, and Marlene Boundy from Pilbara Institute, for stepping up and being on our Leadership Panel.

2014 – Pilbara Women’s Network Luncheon

Keynote speaker – Robyn Henderson

Robyn Henderson, an international business educator, strategic networking consultant, author, ghost writer and publisher, was the perfect fit for presenting both the business development workshops ‘Understanding LinkedIn’ and ‘Writing for busy people’. Robyn also lead the way as keynote speaker for the luncheon, sharing her 7 keys for reinventing.

Following on from Robyn was the 2013 Telstra WA Business Woman of the Year, Sonja Cox, who delivered with poise and captured the audience with her very first words. Sonja shared her journey and delivered some very clear take home messages:

  • Resilience, the ability to bounce back no matter what knocks you down
  • Take risks, be brave enough to try something without guarantee that it will succeed
  • Be authentic, you can’t fake real

The final speaker at the luncheon was the Member for Durack, Hon Melissa Price MP who spoke about her personal journey. Melissa left school at the young age of 15, before eventually returning to complete her education later in life, qualifying as a lawyer at the age of 31. This paving the way for an extensive career with over 20 years in the private and commercial sector and mining and grain industry but it was her recent role in politics that saw her reconnect with her family history, albeit in an opposing party.